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·October 2023, ArenaPetro released new MCM1200 high speed telemetry system
·April 2023, ArenaPetro released new MCM series high speed telemetry system
·Jan 2023, ArenaPetro released the DINT Gyro logging tool.
·Jan.2023, ArenaPetro released EURO Tool
·Feb 1st, 2018, ArenaPetro released AXP acquisition software version 1.95
·Jun 6th,2016, ArenaPetro released the AXP600GE/GC surface system
·August 11, start mass production of AXP600FC surface panel
·August 8, 2014, Released AXP acquisition software V1.80
·May 31, 2023, ArenaPetro will participate in the CIPPE in Beijing
·March 6, 2023, ArenaPetro successfully tested VSP logging system
·In Oct 2022, MCM600 multi-functional telemetry broke the record of adapting 30,000ft cable
·In Oct 2022, 200degC Imaging Openhole Logging System passed the customer's acceptance
·In Aug 2021, ArenaPetro signed the contract of the Active Magnetic-Positioning System
·In Aug 2021, ArenaPetro slim WIIS system successfully passed the customer's acceptance
·Sep 19th, 2020, the storage ultrasonic imaging logging system successfully carried out the coiled tubing horizontal well logging job
·July 15th, 2020, ArenaPetro became a supplier of a top class service company