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Oct 2023, ArenaPetro released new MCM1200 high speed telemetry system
Time:2023/10/27 12:14:43  Views:275

The MCM1B series multifunctional telemetry system is a new product launched by ArenaPetro in Q1,  2023, mainly serving wireline logging industry, including cable communication, downhole tool bus control, azimuth measurement, gamma measurement, cable head parameter measurement, and other functions. After more than half a year of research and development, the performance of this product has been further improved.

Firstly, this upgrade has improved the structure of the power supply, significantly reducing the total ripple and spike noise from 50mV to 2.5-3.5mV (with slight differences in different board positions), significantly improving the signal-to-noise ratio.

Secondly, the downlink command has been changed from the baseband Manchester code to the QPSK modulation scheme. The rate has increased significantly from 20Kbps to 200Kbps, greatly improving the downlink bandwidth and reliability. In special circumstances (such as when upgrading the firmware of downhole tools online, or VSP system time stamp synchronization procedure), it can continue to increase to 400Kbps or even 600Kbps, completely breaking the transmission bottleneck of downstream command channels.

Thirdly, the new SDX 3.0 (based on 100M Ethernet) surface panel data exchange mechanism significantly decreased the latency of the whole wireline logging system, MCM1X based on ArenaPetro's AXP 1AE surface panel, which has a standard 100M industrial Ethernet. High bandwidth of surface data exchange brings many beneficial effects to all the interconnection among surface data aquisition boards, power modules, front computers, etc.

Tranditional wireline logging systems are based on the Depth system to coordinate the dataes and curves, modern wireline systems are based on the time synchronisation system, all the acquisation samples have time stamp to serilize the time line of each event, geologiest can use multi sensor fusion or big data technologies to get deeper understanding of the formation. High bandwidth and reliable uplink and downlink telemetry will play important roles in the future of the state of the art logging systems.

Due to the significant improvement in technical indicators during this upgrade, the new product name will be changed from the original MCM1C to MCM1200, better reflecting the technical content of the upgrade. The typical technical features of MCM1200 are as follows:

  • It can reach an uplink rate of 1.2Mbps and a downlink rate of 200Kbps on a 7000 meter cable
  • A speed of 1.0Mbps can be achieved on a 10000 meter cable, with a downlink rate of 133Kbps

  • 600Kbps uplink and 100Kbps downlink speeds can be achieved on a 13000 meter cable

  • The maximum working temperature is 175 ℃, and it can reach 230 ℃ after installing a thermos bottle

  • The downhole tool bus can be selected according to the actual situation in 1Mbps/2Mbps/3Mbps/4Mbps/5Mbps/8Mbps

  • Combined with ArenaPetro's lossless data compression technology, the maximum uplink speed can reach 4Mbps

  • Combined with ArenaPetro's micro distortion data compression technology, the maximum uplink speed can reach 16Mbps

  • The time stamp and synchronization precision of the MCM1200 combined with AXP 1AE will be 10uS to 50uS

The MCM1200 series telemetry system is currently the preferred data transmission system for express combo logging of openhole wells, through drill pipe logging and imaging logging, VSP seismic logging, and also the preferred data transmission system for casedhole combo logging and imaging logging. It has advantages such as high cost performance, comprehensive functions, reliable transmission, good compatibility, and strong adaptability. It can be matched with various downhole tools and surface systems, and can be customized according to user requirements, It has broad application prospects. We expects to officially deliver products by the end of the first quarter of 2024, and the MCM1B series will no longer be produced any more.