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Feb 2024, released the AXP600HE/HC wireline logging surface panel
Time:2024/2/4 12:34:44  Views:219

The AXP600HE/HC wireline logging surface panel is a high-performance and highly reliable logging surface system which is developed by ArenaPetro. It integrates various essential functions of the logging surface panel in a 4U/3U high and 19" wide standard rack mount chassis, such as data acquisition, signal processing, downhole tool power supply, cable core switching, data transmission, winch control, perforation, etc.

The AXP600HE/HC series is an upgraded version of AXP600GE/GC. After several versions including concept, functionality, reliability, maintainability, and manufacturability, the focus of this upgrade is to improve product adaptability, performance and lifetime. By collaborating with an increasing number of users, the AXP600 series surface panels are also constantly adapting to the usage requirements of customers in different business models and regions, such as the field work capability in cold areas (-40 degC) or high temperature areas (+60 degC).

Secondly, improving the output voltage accuracy of the power module, adding new protective solutions, reducing the output noise and EMI interference of the power supply, achieving better data acquisition SNR and higher data transmission rate.

Thirdly, this upgrade synchronously upgraded the SDX2.0 bus to SDX2.5, replacing the CAN2.0B bus with the CAN-FD bus. The transmission rate was increased from 6.0Mbps to 15.0Mbps, and the overall system performance was improved, providing faster real-time data processing and transmission capabilities.

Fourthly, the new surface system is equipped with a brand new AXP2.0 acquisition software, which integrates the functions of interpretation software and fully supports logging services such as vertical and horizontal wells, as well as logging processes such as wireline logging, LWD, and storage/memory logging applications.

Finally, the display screen has been updated from LCD to OLED, significantly improved its ability to withstand low temperature and allowing for long-term operation or storage in cold areas with temperatures as low as -40 degC.

The main functions and characteristics of the AXP600HE/HC surface system include:

  • Meet the needs of exploration logging, production logging, imaging logging, LWD, horizontal well logging, perforation, coring, formation testing, well testing and other operations
  • Integrated with all modules such as data acquisition, cable transmission, cable core distribution, power conversion, AC purification, voltage regulation and frequency conversion

  • New high-performance ARM front-end machine and optimized AXP CE management software, Windows CE 7.0 operating system, wide temperature display screen

  • SDX 2.5 bus and board development specifications provide better compatibility for boards developed by different enterprises

  • Time driven and depth driven, with data packets marked with time and depth markers

  • 100M Ethernet transmission, capable of attaching VSAT, 3G, WIFI, WLAN and other modules to complete remote logging

  • Powerful AXP 2.0 acquisition software and on-site quick interpretation software

  • Equipped with three/one high-power variable frequency programmable power supplies, it can operate in DC, AC (50Hz/60Hz) and other modes. It can program and control parameters such as voltage, frequency, protection, and power on curve. It can output a total power of 2.2KW at 50/60Hz, with a maximum output voltage of 1000V and a maximum output current of 2A. The voltage regulation resolution has increased from 2.5V in the past to 0.5V, and the voltage output uncertainty has decreased from 15V to 4V

  • Equipped with a high-speed data transmission system, optional cable data transmission modules of various grades ranging from 100K to 600K or 800K to 1500K are available

  • Compact architecture that can be configured as a cabinet or portable logging system

  • 4U 19 "standard cabinet, capable of working or storing at -40 degC to 60 degC

  • High reliability switches, connectors, fans, wires, welding, assembly, and testing processes

  • Having multiple data formats, languages, and unit systems, fully meeting the requirements of the international market

The AXP600 series is divided into four categories: casedhole type (AXP600XC), openhole type (AXP600XE), horizontal well/LWD type (AXP600XL), and testing system type (AXP600XT). Each category is further divided into basic version, standard version, enhanced version, international version, and customized version. Horizontal well and logging while drilling models also have explosion-proof function to meet the needs of different customers.

Starting from the prototype AXP600 of the AXP600 series, Arenapetro has developed and produced upgraded products such as AXP600, AXP600A, AXP600B, AXP600C, AXP600D, AXP600E, AXP600F, AXG600G, etc. Currently, the latest model in the openhole logging system is AXP600HE, and the latest model in the casedhole logging system is AXP600HC, which will also be put into production in the near future.