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Jun 6th,2016, ArenaPetro released the AXP600GE/GC surface system
Time:2016/6/7 12:21:45  Views:4327

    ArenaPetro released the AXP600GE/GC (openhole/casedhole) wireline surface system on Jun 6th, 2016.

       It is a high performance, high reliable logging surface system developed by ArenaPetro. In a 4U/3U 19" case, it integrated with the essential functions of data acquisition, signal processing, instrument power supply, cable core switching, data transmission, winch control and perforation.

       AXP600GE/GC is the upgrade version of AXP600FE/FC series. After the upgrade of the conception, function, reliability, maintainability, manufacturability, this version focus on the compatibility and accommodation of the product. During the cooperation with more and more customers, AXP600 series surface system are constantly adapt to different business model and demands of the customers, such as the capabilities of working in the extreme cold(-40C) or hot (+60C)regions .

       The output of the power supply modules and voltage/current level got increased. New protection methods are added. The the power supply noise output and EMI interference are reduced. Better data acquisition SNR and higher transmission data rate.

       This upgrade including the developments of the front computer hardware, real-time operating system software,  the CPU frequency is increased from 400MHZ to 800MHZ. It improves the whole system performance. Faster, more complex real time data processing and smoother interface switching can be provided.

       The cooling fan frequency control module is optimized for high-power power supply modules to meet the demand of the heat dissipation, FAN speed after the upgrade is more reasonable.

       The main functions and features of AXP600GE surface system are:

l  Meet the needs of exploration logging, production logging, imaging logging, LWD, horizontal well logging, perforation, coring, formation testing and well testing.

l It integrated with all the modules of data collection, cable transmission, core distribution, power conversion, AC purification, frequency conversion and voltage regulation.

l  New high performance ARM front machine and optimize AXP CE management software, Windows CE 7.0 operating system, 4.3" wide temperature display.

l  It applies SDX 2.0 bus and has the board development specification. Better compatibility to the boards developed by different enterprises.

l  It drives by time and depth. There's depth indicator and time indicator in the data package.

l  It applies 100M Ethernet transmission; it can attach VSAT, 3G, WIFI, WLAN module to complete the remote logging, etc.

l  It integrated with powerful AXP 1.90 data collection software and on-site rapid interpretation software.

l  It integrated with 3 built-in high power frequency conversion programmable power supplies, each one can work under the DC/AC (50Hz/60Hz) mode. The voltage, frequency, protection, electricity curve parameters can be programmable controlled. It can reach 2.2 KW total output power, 1500V the highest output voltage and 4A maximum output current when under 50/60Hz.

l   It integrated with a high speed telemetry system, 100Kbps to 600Kbps or 800Kbps to 1500Kbps @7000 meters cable telemetry modules can be selected.

l   It can be configured to machine cabinet or portable logging system with the compact structure.

l  It can work between -20C ~ 55C and storage between -40C ~ 85C with a 4U 19" standard case. New wide temperature model can work between -40C ~ 70C.

l It has highly reliable switches, connectors, fan, wires and welding, and testing process.

l    The hardware is compatible with the CSU, 5700 series, can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

l    It has variety kinds of data format, language and unit system. Fully meet the requirements of the international market.

       AXP600 series is divided into four categories, casedhole type (AXP600XC), openhole type (AXP600XE), horizontal/logging while drilling type (AXP600XL) and testing system type (AXP600XT). Each category includes basic edition, standard edition, enhanced version, international edition and customized version. And there's explosion-proof function for horizontal/logging while drilling type to adapt to the needs of different customers.

       From the prototype of AXP600, ArenaPetro has developed and produced the upgrade products of AXP600, AXP600A, AXP600B, AXP600C, AXP600D, AXP600E, AXP600F and AXG600G. The latest model is AXP600GE for the openhole logging system and AXP600GC for the casedhole logging system. AXP600GC will also be mass produced in the near future.