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Feb 1st, 2018, ArenaPetro released AXP acquisition software version 1.95
Time:2018/3/6 16:28:13  Views:32471

        On February 1st, 2018, ArenaPetro,Ltd. releases the upgrade version of AXP acquisition software, the development period lasts nearly one year. We have fixed some of the bugs, enhanced system stability according to different customers’ feedback. This version can be used seamlessly with the surface system AXP600/A/B/C/D/E/F/G. It can also be transplanted to other company's surface system. 
 ~ major new features and fixes list of upgrade version:


         1.    (New) Increase options to save log to stand-alone log file.

         2.    (Fix) Fix the local copy and paste function of the curve.

         3.    (Fix) Continue to improve the DLIS format library.

         4.    (Fix) Improve the curve description configuration.

         5.    (Fix) Fix font Settings.

         6.    (Fix) Repair the occasionally slow down phenomenon of data storage during logging.

         7.    (Upgrade) Optimize opening and saving function of the file.

         8.    (Upgrade) Optimize installation packages (add component content).

         9.    (Upgrade) Optimize real-time file saving process.

         10.  (Upgrade) Data saving time after clicking “stop” button is shortened greatly.