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March 6, 2023, ArenaPetro successfully tested VSP logging system
Time:2023/5/6 15:47:28  Views:291

On March 6, 2023, ArenaPetro, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ArenaPetro) successfully processed logging job on an exploration well in North China with a 175 ℃ high-temperature VSP (Vertical Seismic Profile) logging system customized for a geophysical service company.

This project is based on the MCM1 high-speed telemetry logging tool (1.2Mbps) independently developed by ArenaPetro, matched with our self-developed high-performance and reliable AXP600 wireline surface system and AXP logging intepretation software. Utilizing ground vibroseis to collect microseismic data from vertical seismic profiles and achieve monitoring services for the entire well section. This product is designed to be fully loaded at level 30, and will gradually reach full configuration and full load during the promotion process this year, accumulating valuable research and development experience for the next generation of level 100 systems.

The downhole tools of this system has an outer diameter of 73mm, maximum working temperature of 175 ℃, maximum pressure  of 140MPa;

The system includes following tools:

  • AXP600GCV interactive wireline surface system
  • MCM1D73 multifunctional telemetry logging tool (including gamma, cable head parameters and inclinometer)
  • CCLD73 casing collar logging tool
  • Geo interstage data acquisition station
  • AXP data interpretation software

The well conditions for this logging are complex: the well depth is 4500m, the maximum temperature at the bottom of the well is 170+℃, and the mud density is 1.5g/cm ³, The operation lasted about ten hours, and according to the established logging plan, four levels of geophone acquisition stations were connected, successfully obtaining the planned shot point data.

This successful logging operation is of great significance to promote the localization process of high-temperature VSP tools and digitize downhole microseismic acquisition. Not only has it greatly improved the temperature level (125 ℃) of a currently used imported tool, but it can also break through the monopoly and technological blockade of the advanced imported tools.

In the future, ArenaPetro will continue deepening the innovation and localization of advanced well logging tools, filling the gap in advanced seismic tools in China. ArenaPetro would like to extend a warm welcome to customers for communication and cooperation.