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Mar 25th, 2024, ArenaPetro will participate in the CIPPE in Beijing
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From March 25th, 2024 to March 27th, 2024, the 24th China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE2024) will be held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center (New Hall). At that time, ArenaPetro, Ltd. will showcase our core products and oil service solution for the year of 2024 at booth W2773 in the West Second Hall:

     Gas storage well inspection solution - WIIS Well Integrity Inspection System, including engineering logging tools such as ultrasonic hole imaging tool, eight sector cement bonding, acoustic amplitude variable density, and multi arm caliper.

     Horizontal well ultrasonic imaging logging system (storage/surface reading), including: UHI2 D54C slim ultrasonic hole imaging logging tool, MBCT D54A battery compartment and storage sub, DINT D54 new generation self north-seeking Gyro, and IRCT D54A Inline roller centralizer.

      200 degC/230 degC/260 degC AXP600G-200 High Temperature Open Hole Imaging Logging System: With UHI ultrasonic imaging logging tool, DLL dual lateral logging tool, and MCM600 high-speed telemetry logging tool as the core, it can be expandable with new high-precision spectral gamma ray logging tool, which is currently the most advanced (ultra) high temperature imaging logging system for oil & gas & geothermal industry.

     In 2024, two latest solutions: perforation quality evaluation (deep penetration) and outside the casing fiber optic positioning technology.

     VSP well seismic monitoring system: ArenaPetro can provide a complete set of well seismic monitoring system solutions.

     AXP600H high-resolution imaging fast logging system: open architecture, optional with conventional, imaging, and array logging tools; In addition, it can be extended to a drill pipe/storage system architecture to meet the needs of oilfield users for expanding multiple application services for a set of tools;

    LWD tools including AXP600GL surface system, azimuth/gamma probe, caliper/ultrasonic imaging logging tool, multipole acoustic circuit system, and LADDER software for LWD.

     Our marketing department and main technical leaders will introduce our products and technologies at the exhibition booth, answer customer questions, and provide solutions.

     We sincerely invite customers to visit ArenaPetro's booth at W2773.