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May 2024, ArenaPetro completed an ultrasonic logging service for a geothermal well
Time:2024/6/20 16:43:10  Views:41

In May 2024, ArenaPetro, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ArenaPetro) used a set of 175℃ high-temperature ultrasonic imaging logging system processed twice logging operations in a hot rock geothermal well in North China according to customer requirements.

The high-temperature open hole imaging logging system project is based on the latest AXP600GE logging platform and high-temperature downhole tools of ArenaPetro, including the ultrasonic imaging logging tool (UHI) and high-speed telemetry tool (MCM600) as the core, and an advanced wireline logging system that integrates functions such as gamma, azimuth, and cable head parameter measurement. It is a relatively advanced high-temperature imaging open hole logging tool in the domestic petroleum exploration industry in the recent years, and can customize ultra-high temperature imaging tool such as 200℃, 230℃, and 300℃ according to customer requirements.

The downhole tool of this system has an outer diameter of 90mm, maximum temperature of 175℃/200℃, and maximum pressure of 140MPa; The system includes:

  • AXP600GE Logging Surface System

  • MCM600D90 Multifunctional Telemetry Tool (including three major functional modules of telemetry, gamma, and continuous inclination)

  • UHID90 ultrasonic hole imaging tool

  • AXP data acquisition software and ALIS (three-dimensional) interpretation software

The data images of this well are clear and the dip angle is accurate. The resolution of each curve meets the requirements of on-site acceptance. The customer is very satisfied with the logging effect. In the second construction, high-precision perforation hole measurement was carried out for the dry hot rock open hole perforation section, analyzing the changes in formation fractures and perforation hole size before and after perforation, providing a basis for the subsequent development of dry hot rock, and also providing more actual well data for the customer to study and improve the open hole perforation process.

Looking back at the first half of 2024, ArenaPetro's ultrasonic imaging logging program has provided various logging services in multiple exploration blocks in China (shale gas, LWD, geothermal, coalbed methane, etc.), with a success rate of 100%, and has received widespread praise from oilfield customers.

In the future, ArenaPetro will continue to work hard to develop new products, technologies, and processes, actively meeting the technical needs of domestic and international oil fields customers.