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Jun 2024, ArenaPetro's LUGT successfully obtained qualified logging data
Time:2024/6/20 16:47:14  Views:48

On June 4, 2024, the LWD Ultrasonic and Gamma-ray Imaging Tool (LUGT) developed by ArenaPetro, Ltd. successfully logged in a well at certain area in the southwest and obtained qualified logging data, won good reputation from the customer.

    The working modes of the LUGT tool developed by ArenaPetro, Ltd. are of the following three types:

  • Including acceleration, flux gate, and gyroscope sensors, providing real-time drilling collar orientation information, with an angle resolution of 128 sectors

  • Measurement of wellbore diameter, eccentricity, tool inclination and orientation, used to display information such as wellbore profile, wellbore diameter, inclination, orientation, etc. Eccentricity correction is performed on tools such as neutron and density while drilling based on eccentricity.

  • Measure the amplitude and arrival time of the reflected waves on the inner wall of the wellbore, convert and correct them based on the sound velocity of the mud, and then perform imaging of the wellbore amplitude and diameter. Qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the size and direction of the pores and fractures on the wellbore.

    In addition, this tool can also be equipped with a directional natural gamma imaging module, which can adjust the tool's horizontal direction at any time, providing richer information for identifying oil and gas resources. This tool is still evolving, and next year it can be equipped with a directional natural gamma spectroscopy imaging module to further achieve high-end innovation and replacement, becoming a powerful new high-tech equipment in China's logging while drilling industry.

    Next month, this tool will move to a certain block in Xinjiang with the customer's project team for more adaptive logging and long-term stability assessment. It is expected to complete the customer's required adaptation and finalization work by the end of the year, and mass production will begin next year.

    ArenaPetro, Ltd. welcomes friends from the drilling and logging industry come for visiting, exchanging experience, customizing or purchasing tools, we look forward to further communication and cooperation with you!